Monday, July 18, 2011

What's Up in My World of Stitches

On Saturday I took DH to see a TV console that I thought would work well in our house. And then we fell in love with another one. But decided not to purchase on the spur of the moment. Today I get to continue

When we got home, it was nearing 7 p.m. but still light enough to sit outside and stitch on my President's Challenge project. By the time the lack of light drove me inside, I had been thinking that the background on this piece was going to prevent me from stitching the entire thing before next Saturday. 

Which means upstairs to the stitching studio I went with a beginnings of a plan in my head. (Quick update:  President's Challenge in my guild this year - design a piece for a needle minder and use three threads you haven't used before.) I pulled a neglected canvas work piece out of hiding and took the needle minder off it. And started gathering threads. It really didn't take that long to locate the correct colors and some black canvas. Took a bit longer to make sure I had three threads I hadn't used before. But by 9 p.m. I was sitting down and putting in my first stitches. Yesterday by 9 p.m. I was nearly finished. Oh the joys of 18ct canvas. 

Let's count this up. For this Challenge I now have three pieces designed. One on linen that is on paper, but not a stitch taken. Number two on congress cloth about 30% stitched. And number three nearing the finish line and now I just have to decided on the finishing. That's three needle minders, all different. And I swear I will eventually stitch all three projects. In fact, after I finish project number three, I'm going to continue stitching number two. After Saturday, I'll be able to show pictures of this glorious pickle I put myself into with my bad time management. 

I'm off to finally get a Dept. of Defense decal for the car we bought at the end of February. And to furniture shop. With a stop at the Waste Knot to pick up a canvas I ordered...

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