Thursday, July 07, 2011

Stars Updated Again This Week

I finished Ava Gardner yesterday afternoon. And just like I thought, at the end of this square adding the light green encroaching gobelin triangles and the pink long stitches over the top, added the sublty that I thought the square was lacking. Not my favorite square, but she's pretty enough for me.

This puts my overall progress here:

I did some more of the right hand border. I will admit that the more I push myself to work on this, the more I want to work on it. By all rights, tomorrow should be a Stars day, but I'm going to count my stitching on Wednesday as my Friday work, accomplishing my goal of working on two days a week. At that pace I should be finished by the end of August???


Danielle said...

Looking fabulous! I just started doing needlepoint. I am currently working on Needle Delights Originals Rainforest Crunch. Loving it!!!

Kelly said...

Stars is a great piece. I love watching the progress.

Deanne J said...

So pretty!!!studge