Sunday, July 03, 2011

Yarn Bombing

Because I do hang around with knitters who might enjoy this article:

Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Hearts Club

Shopping done. Gave up and bought a cheap toaster at Target. Reliability in these things in now questionable in my mind. My Cuisinart was barely 3 years old. I've still got my mother's old toaster in my basement - a Toastmaster that was a complete workhouse for years purchased with Green Stamps back in the early 60s. Last time I plugged it in, I decided it was sketchy and didn't use it. 

Vera Bradley Outlet sale attended. What a mob scene. And I was there minutes after they opened. I totally made some woman's day as I had picked up a clutch and it was the last one in that pattern. Both of us agreed that it was only thing in that pattern in the entire store that was for sale. I let her have it as I am really not a clutch person. Did I buy any? Of course. What's the sense in going if you're not purchasing? 

And then I came home and we went to Fort Myer and purchased a 50" plasma TV. For a few seconds I thought there was no way this was going to fit in our vehicle, but we made it work. Came home and enjoyed the wow factor. Watching the food porn channel is going to be really dangerous now!

Now to get rid of old broken TV and the entertainment unit.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Loved the yarn bombing article - keep thinking I'm gonna do that one of these days.

Had to laugh at "food porn channel." Ain't that the truth!

Sara Leigh said...

Wowy-zowy! My suggestion, if you lived in my former neighborhood, "Put them on the curb." Anything I put out on my curb was gone within 24-36 hours.