Saturday, July 02, 2011

Photos as Promised

Usually my photos are a bit on the warm side. This morning I took Stars outside and my photos are on the cool side. But I think you get the general idea of progress.

After I finish Ava Gardner I plan on finishing the right hand border. And we'll see where I go from there. 

Ava up close. I know the square isn't finished, but this one seems to be lacking the subtlety the other squares have. But I like it. I finished stitching with the wool on it this morning just so I could take a photo. And now I'm late for my morning's plans!


Beth said...

Maybe that was part of Tony's plan in that Ava Gardner wasn't subtle. It's just a thought....Love your colorway.

threadmedley said...

This is coming along very well. I love watching all the people who are working on this project. It's amazing to see how the difference in colors creates a new version of this piece. Keep up the great work!