Thursday, September 23, 2004

Baubles and Beads and Buttons, Oh My

Oh Oh.

I feel a problem coming on.

I lucked into a beaded woven bracelet (that someone made for someone else but was too big) by giving a donation to my EGA. It's a lovely color.

But it seems to have made me unearth my beads and beading supplies and beading books.

It made me start a new folder for favorite beading sites on the web.

And even led me into the beading sections of my local craft stores.

Oh the humanity.

Where will it end?

Okay. I did make a beaded watch.
Took about 10 minutes. Gotta love quick results.

And yesh.
I bought more beads.
And yesh even more bead storage.

*sigh* but at least it's a happy one

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