Friday, September 03, 2004

My Neighbor and I Were Talking

She's got company arriving today. And she meant to spend all week preparing for her friends arrival.
She had her list of things to do - normal things - like cleaning the bathrooms and washing the kitchen floor. So yesterday afternoon we got to talking about how we end up adding stupid things to our to-do lists when preparing for something like this.

Like she was washing all the bedding on her daughter's bed. LOL

And we spent an hour recovering her kitchen chairs.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

I knew I was having more than 40 people over for a cook out last month - and what do I decide to do? Two days before I'm going through all my cooking mags and taking out the recipes I want. (Sounds like a small project - wasn't. Took hours to organize everything.) Did I have my shopping complete? Was my house clean? No. And no. Did I even have my menu finalized? Uh, nope.

Know I realize I'm an expert procrastinator. Is this all this is? Do I just like to sabotage myself? or can I only do my best work under pressure? Iknow I'm not the only one...

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