Thursday, September 30, 2004

Speaking of Lost Arts

Does not anyone cook from scratch any more?

I attended a Tastefully Simple party last night (Tastefully Simple, Inc. - Small indulgences for busy lives!) where many women did not hesitate to spend $4.99 plus shipping and tax to purchase a beer bread mix. I admit the stuff tasted good, but not 5 bucks a loaf worth of good.

5 dollars gets me 10# worth of King Arthur flour which makes how many loaves of bread?
Just boggles the mind.

Likewise I wouldn't dream of serving my family a soup that was made by adding water and heating.
Tastes like chemicals, not like soup.

I admit that it is a step better than Mickey D's. But not by a lot.

Some of these soups take 30 minutes to fully reconstitute. I can make a from scratch soup in that amount of time.

Color me not impressed by the "gourmet" label...

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