Tuesday, September 07, 2004


It was an uneventful weekend, but I did get in some stitching while watching parts of the Monk marathon. What a great show!

I took off from the eagle in the middle of the exemplary and started working towards the upper right hand corner, which is where I normally start working on a piece. But now I need to get a question answered by the designer.

Anyone familiar with the Eagle Exemplary by Sheepish Designs? I already e-mailed this question and got an automatic reply back.

I need to know what color to do the rhodes stitch with. The photo of the design makes it look like a white thread was used on the inside of the stars for the rhodes stitch. But the directions don't this clear. It seems like the inside of the stars should be the same color as the cross stitched part on the outside of the stars according to the directions. Clear as mud, right?

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