Wednesday, September 29, 2004

PMSing Political RANT

Okay. I love my family. I really do.
But one more family discussion of politics may send me over the edge.
I am so burned out on the politic climate of hate and vindictiveness that I can no longer even bare to think about the November election.

Where is the rational man in all this? Where is the love? Where is the spirit of cooperation that will let unite us as a country instead of divide? I am so fucking tired of Cheney's implications that Kerry will be unable to protect us from terrorism, that we "deserve" every terrorist act aimed at us if we elect him. I'm tired of W.'s unintelligence. I'm tired of Kerry's ability to pull his act together. He's imitating a loser with a capital L. The only person I like in all this is Elizabeth Edwards. I say let's elect her.

Why are there so many "undecided" voters? It's because they're as disgusted as I am with the choices.

I'm sick of smears, insinuations, and stupid accusations about things that happened 30+ years ago.

What about what's happening now?
What about what's happening next year?
Or in the next four years?
What about a fucking plan people to get us out of Iraq?
What about health care?
What about education?
What about social security?
What about our environment?
How about some real issues?

I think most people in the so-called press are idiots who worry only about making money on sleaze and rumor. Real issues that affect real people aren't stories that sell so they ignore them and run with trumped up allegations and forged documents.

I am so tired of all this.
There must be a better way.
How about making all the elected men in gov't stay home and let the women run the joint for a while? How about someone taking the high road? Where's the honor? Where's the concept of service?

*starting to foam at the mouth now*
rant over

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