Monday, September 06, 2004

stitching bloggers' question

of the week.

How do you explain cross stitch to non-cross stitching people? Do they get it or do they say “Oh, right.. you do knitting then (or sewing, or needlepoint)"?

It isn't easy, is it?
I always say that I do needlework. Usually they either nod (like they understand, but really they don't want me to explain any further) or they say the dumb stuff like "oh you knit. My grandmother does/did that." Very seldom do I run into the random person who understands...

Frankly, the most fun discussions are the ones that happen while you are actually doing needlework in a public space. An amazing number of people seem genuinely interested in the process. But I guess they wouldn't say anything to begin with if they weren't interested.

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