Sunday, October 10, 2004


Okay. I can see a post I wrote isn't here. Not happy with that.

That's throwing me off.

What was I going to say?

Now I've forgotten.

It's been a good weekend for sports at our house. DS ran strong yesterday at the Manhattan College Invitational at Van Cortland Park. Try to imagine over 10,000 young runners in one place. Boggles the mind.

Red Sox vs. Yankees. Enough said.

Army Football snaps long losing streak. Cadets bring down the goalposts after the game.

Army Hockey takes its first two games of the season in fine fashion.

No plans for today. Kids have requested a day off to sleep in, etc. I think they deserve it. (While DS was running yesterday, DD was taking her SATIIs. What fun!)

I'm off to play with my graphing software. Have an idea for the Christmas exchange. Need to get it out of my head soon before I lose it.

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