Monday, October 04, 2004

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plastic bobbins? yes or no
What's your thread organization?

Plastic bobbins. NO. NEVER. NOT ON YOUR LIFE.
First, it's a major waste of time transfering all your thread to bobbins. Then it develops kinks.

My first attempt at organization was:

unwrap floss from wrapper
wrap floss around cardboard
cut in two
put through plastic ring
slip label back on over braid
put ring on larger metal ring

This worked initially. But soon outgrew this method.

Next. Tried LoRan system.
Wasn't happy with that either.
Had three binders worth of floss.

Current system is floss away (or similiar product) baggies.
It works for because I can have several skeins in the same bag and the cut pieces too.
All my baggies are on large metal rings organized by number.

My GAST and Weeks are in their own box.
My silks are all together in their own box.
My Flower Thread is altogether in its own box.

Sometimes I have to rummage to find what I'm looking for. It seems to me there should be a better way. But I'm not worrying about until DH retires from the Army and we settle somewhere more or else permanently.

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