Friday, October 22, 2004

Still Sick - Now Officially Sick of Being Sick

Day eleven.
Will this never end?
I woke up feeling slightly better yesterday.
Was getting stuff done and everything.
Then had to run to the P.O. and on the way had a coughing fit so bad that I nearly drove off the road. After that, could not stop coughing. Argh.

A Day With No Plans

I officially have nothing that I must do today. Which is probably a good thing. I've been running on fumes trying to keep up with the stuff that needs doing. A few things got deferred.
Like I still need to finish my tea cosy. Which must be finished by next Friday. And the membership list that should have been mailed this week, will be available on Nov 1st.

Last night I made the most delicious ham and broccoli quiche. Too bad it was so good, there's none left this morning. There is still leftover ham and of course a pea soup in the making. Yummy.

Things That Need Doing

clean out garage before first snow fall
mow lawn one last time and run mower out of gas
put away lawn furniture
decide what to do with swing - I really don't want it on the front porch again.
decide whether or not to lay those paving stones in backyard
clean up flower beds
Ack - this is just the stuff outside.
Please, I need a few nice fairly warm days. Please. Some sunshine at least...

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