Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Swing, battah, batttah

Red Sox won, 9-3, against the Angels yesterday.

I did manage to watch the first half of the vice-presidential debate. What were they trying to do - bore us to death? After two rounds of crochetting in the green poncho, I gave up and went to bed to read. Even hubby gave up after 70 minutes. But the kids stuck with to the end. Good for them.

I'll put the blame for this one squarely in the lap of the moderator. Why was she asking the same things that were covered in the first presidential debate? Where were the questions about real issues? Why cover all this ''he said, he said" bullshit. I want freaking substance here, people. This is an important election and I feel like tuning out.

(apologies to overseas readers for u.s. political bullshit - but we are the 500lb gorilla in the world and this does tend to affect everyone...)

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