Tuesday, October 05, 2004

To Do

Need to pick out a project for Christmas time EGA exchange. This year we've got free rein. Do anything you want - ornament, scissor fob, needlecase, etc.

Maybe I'll design something small of my own?
I'm in a red mood...

Yeserday and Today

Got my paper done. Got my paperwork done. Had my meeting and things went well. Met some new people, including a lady from Alaska who's going back there this week. Says she likes the winter. Good for her.

Went to library and picked up latest Sue Grafton book - R is for Ricochet. Just tried to look up ricochet in my American Heritage computer version and even though the word is listed it's asking me if I misspelled it. Duh. I know it's French, but come on people.

Just spent a large chunk of time reading the recap of ER on Television without Pity. That's enough to make me not watch it all year. How the mighty have fallen. Too bad.

I'm three skeins of yarn into DD's poncho and I've got two more. But may have to purchase one more in order to do fringe. Maybe on my way to DS's cross country meet. Michael's is just across the street.

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