Sunday, October 03, 2004


We saw Ringo on CBS's Sunday Morning and now DH is downstairs blasting the Beatles.

I need to write a paper for tomorrow.
I'm going to watch the Patriots beat the Bills later. Sorry, Drew. Things just didn't quite work out for you, did they?

I did survive my 9 1/2 hours working a concession stand at the football stadium.
Whoever thinks teenagers are evil needs to hang out with me and all the teens I meet.
Yesterday's group was hardworking, non-whiny, pleasant, funny, and in general just a pleasure to associate with.

But still the day lasted forever and takes a physical toll on everyone. And yet, nobody was complaining. It's a tough way for volunteers to make money.

Did I mention that the customers were for the most part just terrific. Friendly, patient, and appreciative.

I got to end my day with a lobster, chowdah, beer, and great deserts. (WW took a vacation yesterday - especially as I didn't take a break to eat lunch)

All in all, my good deed for the month. And I would do it again if someone begged me. But I'm not volunteering...

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