Thursday, October 21, 2004

Brain Hijack

Obviously my brain has been hijack by this cold virus and any medication that I have taken looking for a little relief.

I wrote a nice long post on Tuesday, did not copy it before attempting to publish, and got caught in publishing recycle hell. Just kept saying 50%, 50%, 50%. Went on for many minutes before I just shut it down.

So Anyway

Back to my topic. Which was an EGA lecture we had by Pat Moore, needlework artist extraordinaire.

This was not a lecture aimed at conservationists. This was aimed at people who love to expirement and have fun.

First she covered different ways to paint your background fabric. With things like Aquarelle crayons, acrylic paints, poster paint, watercolor pencils, set-a-color fabric paint, transfers, spray paint, blo-pens, bleach. So much for tea-dyeing. She went onto papers, plastics and metals that can be used as ground fabric.

Her projects on these backgrounds are mainly natural flora. Lots of minatures. Lots of French knots. Beautiful stuff. I wish I could some of her work on the web to share with you.

We were all amazed. And intrigued. So many possibilities.

And I found a book she recommended yesterday at Michael's.
Off the Shelf Fabric Painting by Sue Beevers.
You can see it here - Books: Off-The-Shelf Fabric Painting: 30 Simple Recipes for Gourmet Results

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