Tuesday, October 19, 2004

nothing needlework related done

Still suffering from aforementioned cold.
So absolutely no needlework accomplished.
Why not?
Because with headache and dizziness I'd have to rip out everything I stitched. Can not concentrate right now.

I did have to satisfy some creative urges and yesterday finished painting my scared black cat wooden figure.

Oh Nearly Forgot

In my brain fog, I nearly forgot that I dragged myself to my EGA meeting last Wednesday (I think I overdid it that day - woke up much much worse on Thursday.)

But I couldn't miss a lecture by Pat Moore, needlework artist. I wish I could find some of her work online to show you. She showed us some pretty inovative stuff. (This is not for people into conservation of needlework meant to last centuries.) About 20 different ways of coloring/dyeing fabrics. We're not talking tea dyeing here. We're talking bleach and watercolors and markers and pastels and acrylic paints and poster paints and transfer medium and blo-pens and spray paint. How about using paper as a ground fabric? Everything from silk paper to Tyvek. Not to mention metals and plastics. She definitely looks at things differently. With some amazing results. Much of her needlework is based on flora, so after getting a ground fabric she's happy with, it gets stitched with flowers and leaves with assorted embroidery techniques.

Each new thing she pulled out of her bag was a revelation. We were all impressed.

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