Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Just Cross Stitch Mags

Last night I started going through my old JCS mags looking for stuff of interest. When I say old, I do mean 1984. Considering they commenced publishing in 1983, I think I've got quite a collection.

My impressions from the first 3 years: graphing was primitive. A lot of them done by hand and done badly. Subject matter was folk or country or meant to appeal to a specific audience, i.e. designs to be done as gifts for teachers. Not much realism except in the flora category. Some of the shops featured are still in business proving it can be done and done well. A few designers are still designing, but most have departed the biz.

I did find one really great article on needlework conservation that I'll keep. I think doing this little project is going to be like watching the evolution of the needlework industry in America.

And I found my project for our December swap at EGA. May need a tiny bit of tweaking, but it is definitely workable.

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