Saturday, October 30, 2004

Time for Tea

Yes. I did finish my wool tea cosy in time for our group's little tea party. Proud of myself too. We all agreed that the inserting the lining was a PITA.

That said. I did take pics. Spent an hour here yesterday trying to figure out how to post them here. I'm following all the directions on Hello. But somehow it's not working for me. I may just link to them on Webshots if I get frustrated enough.

This means that on the stitching front, my time is my own again. Except for one little project for the Christmas swap. I really really really should commence my gift for DH's army retirement. He threatened to go drop his paperwork last week. Whatever. I'll have to June/July to do this. My choice is to stitch for him is the Peace Eagle which I will frame with his medals. Peace Eagle: Cross stitch at
Though I like how they framed it better here ( browse down on right)
Scarlet Thread, Ltd. - Welcome! with the medals on the linen instead of on matboard. I picked up this pattern 2-3 years ago and wrote to the design team for permission to photo copy pattern so I'd have a working copy. Which they kindly gave me.

Now it's foggy and the woods out back seem to be glowing. All those yellows and oranges and russet browns. I think I'll get dressed and take a cup of tea outside to enjoy the cool, foggy air.

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