Friday, July 28, 2006


This morning I'm feeling better. Haven't needed to take Ibuprofen yet even. But I can still feel inflamation in my throat.

Going to be another hot one. I'm tentatively planning on making the kids make supper. But I'm also waiting for DH to call to tell me if he's bringing a friend home for supper. In which case, I guess I'm cooking and the kids can cook tomorrow - which might be a better plan as I've got an all day EGA meeting tomorrow. Nothing like a day spent stitching and talking. I am so looking forward to it.

Did not stitch a stitch with a needle yesterday. Instead pulled out my lap rug and crochet hook. If I ever finish this, the cat will be in heaven. He loves things made with yarn.

I wonder how many of us spend time typing things and then delete it? I just edited a major story here. No one would think it's as funny as my family did. And it might actually create a mistaken impression or two. That internal editor is awake and kicking this morning.

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