Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thunder and Rain

I rearranged the furniture yesterday in the living room. It's a disease that I got from my grandmother. My mother rarely ever moved things, but my sister and I are compelled to rearrange. As I was sitting on the sofa checking out the vibes, I realized that the balcony needs a tall, tropical plant. I was heading to the grocery store anyway and swung by the nursery. But somewhere between my house and the nursery the clouds rolled in and thunder rumbled off in the distance.

As I wandered the indoor tropical plants, I could tell that storm was going to hit us. I didn't want to pay $$$ for a plant so I headed outside to see if I could find an outdoor plant that could stay in a container that met my height requirements. This is when I had to bow to the inevitable and head back to the car. (You don't think this is going anywhere do you? No car crash. No storm stories. No worries. Just rambling.) Wegman's nicely has a parking garage which was nearly empty when I arrived and nearly full when I left. The skies opened up with a buckets of rain and the people who were just leaving the store stood there in dismay.

I consoled myself with another rosemary plant and a lavender plant. I may put both of these in the ground and if we have a mild winter, they might make it. I found the coffee I was looking for and some whole wheat ravioli from the Monterey Pasta Co. (you can't fool me - I know you're based in Salinas.) Came home and cooked some chicken sausage and made a marinara sauce with some oregano, basil, and parsley that I managed to snip between the downpours. (which reminds me - I should go get dressed a head to the farmer's market.)

No sewing at all yesterday. Instead when the thunderstorm was threatening our power supply, I broke out a new puzzle - Gustav Klimmt's The Kiss.

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