Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's Hot, Hot, Hot

Strange, bizarre dreams involving Carrie Bradshaw and shape-shifting alien...Where did that come from?

I finished edging my front walkway yesterday. One minute outside was enough for me realize that the Asian Tiger mosquitos are back in full force. Much as I hate using bug spray, it's the only way I can stay outside even during daylight hours. I hate these evil little creatures. Someone let 3 of them into the house when they left to take a walk on Monday night. Within minutes I had been bit 5 times and killed all 3 of them. Viscious buggers. I need to plant some bricks in the bag yard, but between the 'squitos and the heat, I don't think today will be the day.

Maybe I should go look at the complete instructions for my Japanese Inro piece and take a stab at finishing this. I figure I've got about 10 hours or so of work to do on it, if this diagonal Hungarian stitch isn't too difficult. Well, thinking about it, I bet the joining stitch that was chosen will stymie me for a while. Maybe 20 hours???

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