Sunday, July 30, 2006

Meeting Day

Still officially in love with EGA meetings. So nice to be surrounded by other people who have that same attraction to fibers and needles and fabrics.

We had an "estate" sale yesterday and I picked up 27 back issues of the ANG magazine! That's it. I am officially going over to the dark side - needlepoint. Also volunteered to work with youth outreach when that gets started.

I brought my Inro piece with me to work on as I had decided not to splurge the bucks on the class being offered. I may be the farthest along on stitching this piece of those of us in the pilot class.

I feel badly about not going to seminar in October. But hey. It's expensive. And at the moment I'm learning enough new stuff to keep me occupied. I may sign up for a Judy Jeroy crewel class for next year to alleviate my bad feelings. LOL

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