Saturday, July 15, 2006

my bargain of the week

I found two walls hangers that hold 4" pots at Joann's on Thursday. Metal, distressed, painted off-white. Cost - $1.99 each! Hung them outside on opposite sides of the balcony. This, along with diffenbachia bought earier in the week, has added some major pizzaz to the balcony that you can see from the living/dining room.

DD and I had made the longish trek to the commissary, then stopped at our favorite Chinese restaurant back in our old neighborhood, when I decided I needed to purchse something for those 4" pots. So off I go to try the other nursery (same company, different location as earlier in the week.) Would you believe it? Rained again! This time I said the heck with it and shopped anyway. Through the worst of the downpour, we checked out the inside greenhouse, which led to some African violet purchases. Then I braved the raindrops looking for something might work in those pots. Too late in the season here for 6 packs of annuals. I had to settle on some creeping thyme and a ground cover that I am unfamiliar with. But they look great. And it was a warm rain. I was totally soaked by the time we got back in the car.

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