Friday, July 14, 2006

Small Rant

Went to purchase a large piece of plywood to make a padded headboard. Wanted it cut there at the store. Some idiot person had actually cut the cord on their woodcutter! Duh. Why don't you nicely tell people this service in unavailable somewhere? Instead of making me wrestle with a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood?

Okay. So I spent money on plants instead. Had to buy 2 hibiscus. They are so beautiful.

Just couldn't resist.

No willpower.


M said...

ooooooh. What kinda headboard ya makin'? I made mine a few months back and looove it. It coulda been better but with yards of microfiber it'll damn well do. :o) Have fun!

jo said...

Just your normal padded headboard. I think I've convinced myself to round the corners. I found an embroidered cotton fabric last fall - it's basically taupe on taupe - trying to remain neutral in the bedroom. And the wall behind the bed is getting painted blue.