Monday, July 17, 2006


I seem to have food poisoning. Yesterday I managed to eat about 15 saltines. All day.
Never actually vomitted, but did spend some extended time in the bathroom. And felt horrible all day.

But before the worst of it struck - and maybe I made things worse by doing this - I was outside in the a.m. weeding and planting another rosemary plant, a small lavender bush, and three more marigolds. Just trying to fill the wholes in the garden. One of my pincushion plants died. I had been fighting off aphids on this plant and apparently it was too stressed to survive the heat. I don't know why this is the only plant that had aphids. There was another pincushion 14" away and it is bug free. Anyway. It got hot outside pretty darn fast. I was sweating into my eyes. That's lovely. DS said he didn't feel normal either. It may have been the guacamole that he and I ate at lunch the day before at a restaurant that shall remain nameless. Also finally moved my plants back up onto my bedroom balcony - two large red wave petunias, a hanging basket, and a now very large cherry tomato plant. I should have known this would exceed the height predictions on the tag. Was fun carrying that up the stairs.

I do feel a little better this morning. I've had some tea and more saltines. Just going to take it easy today. I'm reading "Undead and Unwed" and now I know what all the undead Betsy fans were gushing about.

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