Tuesday, July 11, 2006

really really back

to posting!

I was trying to post some pics here yesterday but things were moving so slowly that I gave up. This morning I will write first, and try to post pics second.

Took me a while, but I think I've caught up on reading my blogging friends. It is both comforting and fascinating to have these insights into others lives. Some of us kvetch a lot. Some of us are funny - all the time. Some of us share the most incredible links. Makes me wish I could have a big party and invite everyone over with their needlework so we could have an extended stitch and bitch session.

Yesterday I finally replaced the rubber hoses on the washing machine. Right before we moved last year, my neighbors' house had a flood with water pouring out of the front door. Their washer hose had broken. I purchased the flexi metal high pressure hoses before we even moved in to this house. Just never got around to putting them on the washer. Then proceeded to start catching up on laundry. As much as I love being in NH, it did feel good to be home. And yes, it actually did feel like home when we returned to VA.

I should have taken a pic of last night's dinner. Grilled salmon(organic salmon from Ireland) and homemade succotash. Yummy. Unfortunately, my DH thinks beans were developed to torture him. Regardless of his opinion, the other 3 in the family love beans. Just trying to keep you healthy, honey! Now, eat your beans!

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