Friday, May 25, 2007


Aggie - that would be Agnes Scott's new nickname. I took her to yesterday morning's stitch-in. Explained where I had screwed up previously and got advice. Fellow stitchers agreed with what I was contemplating for fixing my little error. Just part of one thread to frog. Easy. But I was having such difficulty counting on the left motif - where one page meets the other page - that when I finished the vase, I moved to another section.

I should have - cut and pasted these pages together and taken some scans to make some whole images. By now I should realize that I have a problem matching pages up. Especially on something that is symetrical except when it's not. Which is often. Careful counting is needed on this project. The part where the four pages meet in the middle - that's where I could have realized my error early on, but if you don't match up the pages to check if your count is correct both vertically and horizontally, there is no opportunity for correction.

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