Sunday, May 20, 2007

Agnes Scott Redux

Oh. There is a mistake somewhere. After about 4 hours of work, I realized that the center motif on my current row doesn't match up with the motif to its right. I am one stitch out of whack. I count and count and count and count. I think spent an hour trying to figure out where I'm off. I never found it. Decided to proceed. And will fudge the left side motif if I must. There is room for this kind of error. I fear the problem lies in the row above which is where I centered my central motif. No way am I frogging 20-30 hours of work. Not happening. I will live with it and make it work.

I will add that up until now, I have frogged any mistakes I have found. I have even backed out stitches where my tension somehow got pulled too tight.

But this is too much. I nearly drove myself crazy looking for the problem.

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