Monday, May 21, 2007

Ah Rain Delays

Geez. I kept checking and checking. I finally settled on watching something else while stitching. Then DH informs me it's the 4th inning. Oh well.

I did get the middle motif in this row finished. And started the one of the left after working some of the border. I think my needle was flying pretty darn fast yesterday. The totally sad part was realizing that I am only a little over halfway finished on Agnes Scott. Oh. There's lots of stitching to do. And some interesting counting as things move over one thread - yuck.

Cat was extremely funny this morning. DH packed last night for a short trip to Ohio. This morning after he left, Elvis was zooming around the house meowing. Now he's all shagged out and collapsed on the floor in front of the window. I think a squirrel could walk right up to him now and he wouldn't care.

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