Friday, May 18, 2007

Time for a Big Push

Poor Agnes Scott. She has been languishing there in her flannel pillowcase with the yellow and blue stars. I think I heard her sniffling in my sleep. But no more crying. She came out of deep sleep yesterday and I'm planning a serious push on working on her for the next few weeks. I've got a goal of finishing the current row and working the border as far down the sides as I can before going to San Diego in June. There is one tiny side project that will accompany this push:

Calico Crossroads "Flower Fun" -

My mother, who was insisting that only an orange tabby cat would do, ended up with a sweet little furball black cat. There goes that tabby cat piece I stitched for her. Guess I'll keep it. But this Flower Fun piece is too perfect. Within a minute of a bouquet of flowers entering my mother's house, that cat was on the table threatening to tear the bouquet apart. I'd never seen such well-developed flower radar. I picked up a more purple overdyed to use and will pull a piece of fabric today. But this means I'll need to search for fabric to make this into a little pillow. Somehow none of those orangy fabrics will work.

And I'll keep my Norwegian ornie kit in my purse for those odd moments when I'm stuck waiting somewhere. Can I stitch in a traffic jam????

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