Saturday, May 05, 2007

Off to Celebrations

Yes. I did show remarkable restraint at the Keepsake shops. But today I'm meeting some friends at Celebrations of Needlework in Nashua for some shopping. This will be my big no restraint moment. Ah beautiful tax-free New Hampshire.

Last evening my MIL took my sister and I to see Joey and Maria's Italian Comedy Wedding. Oh my. Quite by accident we were sitting at the same table as my aunt and uncle which in itself was too funny. The food was amazingly good. But the show itself keeps you laughing too hard to enjoy it. Particular kudos to the grandmother. Though the drunk bridesmaid earned a special place in my heart for singling out my sister. Loved it.

Of course yesterday we did some more shopping. And I made copies of my college graduation photos - I didn't have any of these. Nice pics of me and my then fiancee. I bought more Red Sox stuff. Considering that Bob's had everything from boxers to tape measures, umbrellas, and baby bottles, I think I was reasonable.

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