Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just to Comment on

Anna's comment. I love French knots. Never had a problem with them. Did candlewicking in the early 80s. Thought it was fun! Did a minature on silk with a couple hundred French knots with a single strand of silk thread wrapped once around the needle to fill in a tree. Was fun!

Queen stitch, one the other hand. I have not always enjoyed it. Maybe I just need to get into a groove. I think it is so beautiful when it is done. And the queen stitch on the Agnes Scott may really annoy because of the constant color changes.

I could just be thinking of this incorrectly. Maybe I just need to adjust my attitude.

But in my last EGA chapter, one evening we took a poll. Which stitch do you dislike the most? One person hated backstitching. Everyone else was evenly divided between French knots and the queen stitch. Anna, you are definitely in a minority liking both of them!

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Anna van Schurman said...

I did one of those Tall Guys from Ruth Sparrow, with the French knot beards. And someday I'll finish the Teresa Layman mermaid...but I do hate backstitching! Definitely the minority. :)