Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Did I Take?

Did I take a zyrtec this morning? I wish I could remember. I guess I'll pass rather than potentially double dose myself.

Day spent cleaning. Lovely. And there's a pound cake for desert in the oven that's making the house smell wonderful. Too bad someone called and said because of this meeting he had to go, he probably will be home quite late.

I worked a bit on the mystery project that I can't talk about here. It's cute and moving along quickly. If I applied myself I could probably stitch the entire thing in two days. But I'm slacking off after my Agnes Scott finish. What was funny was that I had dropped portions of the newspaper on the floor this morning. And the cat walked across them and oops! turned off my Daylight lamp. I was done stitching anyway. Psychic cat scores extra points.

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