Thursday, January 03, 2008

What I Forgot about Happy Birthday...

I must have been really tired last night because I forgot to tell the unique method we had for gift opening by DH.

In the interest of saving trees, no paper was involved. Instead we blindfolded him and put a present in his lap and made him guess what it was. Seriously, this was a good idea. Especially for the non-blindfolded.

Had to take the Honda in this morning and after paying $592, my check engine light is off. Replaced O2 sensor and air/fuel mixing thing. Gas mileage should improve and I will no longer be polluting.

All this green makes me want to rush out and by some CFL bulbs...

But sitting at the dealership I managed to finish the main part of the houses roof. And I've moved onto my last floral motif and then one little bunny rabbit and it will all be Queen stitch and satin stitch and some cross stitch where every other row moves over one thread. Now I already tried this last part once and instead of stitching it row by row, I tried to move up following a color and realized quickly that I was going to mess up, not being able to keep track of how many stitches over I need to be. This is going to be fun!

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