Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shop Inventory

Taking inventory at the shop continued yesterday. Easier to do while the shop is closed on Mondays. Yesterday I inventoried all the Needlepoint silks, all the buttons and charms, except for Mill Hill, Fiesta, Mandarin, magazines, some kits, some charts, some fabric, etc.

The buttons and charms were the worst. All those Just Another Button Co. things with wildly fluctuating prices.

All this and I only added three things to my bag to paid for later. A baseball and bat button to use on a biscornu, a small container of aquamarine hearts and a small container of aquamarine stars.

I also took home a Millenia designs needlepoint piece that someone started for the shop and never finished. I had to frog two threads worth of stitching that didn't match the rest of the stitching. It's not on a frame so matching the tension of the stitches will be a bit trickier. But it's pretty mindless work after Agnes Scott.

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