Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Here I thought I'd spend yesterday making the big push. And I didn't. I made a little push instead.

"Agnes" got stitched. There is one more queen stitch flower to go and I've gotten much faster at these. I'm saving the other one for last. And I started the satin stitch on the left hand side. But the right side took much longer than I had anticipated. So today it's satin stitching. Then couching.

When I went to the drycleaners yesterday I got sidetracked by of all things, Dairy Queen. For some reason, I just had to have a small vanilla. And as I got back in the car with my ice cream I realized that I was going to need to get gas before heading off last night to retrieve DH from the airport - he flew from National, not Dulles, unfortunately. As I am not fond of pumping gas at 9:30 p.m. in the cold, I went off to get gas at 4:30 while it was still almost light out. And then it was a short hop off to Michael's to walk around and get some exercise. I bought some beads for a little project I've got in mind. And then popped into Books a Million. Where I found a copy of Judith Baker Montano's "Elegant Stitches."

Looking around I see I could have gotten it cheaper on Amazon. But it was there. And I had wanted this book for some time. Of course, it was one of maybe 8 books on needlework. Everything else was knitting. Not even that many crochet books. A teacher in a class I was taking had this book and for some reason I thought I had already purchased it. Got home, looked. And no book. I must have checked it out of some library once upon a time. But now I've got a copy and I'm happy.

Here's hoping I'm posting a finish with photos tomorrow.

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