Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What I Said

Last night, DH and I were driving home after a very, very late lunch at Moby Dick House of Kebab (is that not a great name?), and little bit of shopping at the outlet stores in Leesburg, when I said that if the Patriots win the Superbowl this year does that mean I never have to watch football again?

I think I've got it right. I am not a huge football fan. I've only watched to keep a certain someone company. What kind of sport only has 16 games in a season? Baseball has 162 games. Hockey has 82 games. NBA plays 82 games. Anyone know if Wiki has these numbers wrong? If the Patriots win completing a perfect season, I see no reason for me to ever watch again.

Baseball is much more appealing to us cerebral types.

No stitching updates allowed because I'm working on a gift.


Anna van Schurman said...

Speak for your own cerebral type! I think 18 weeks (including post season) is all you need. There a WAY too many baseball games; how much does each one matter? Not at all...

jo said...


I got called out by the Stitch Bitch!

Kim said...


Baseball has my vote too :-) I just googled the Yankees record and it added up to 162, so that part looks good. Their record was another story.

jo said...

I promise not to hold the Yankees thing against you, Kim. LOL