Friday, January 25, 2008

IF Anyone with Experience

I'm looking for anyone with experience making and mailng embroidered envelopes. Got any?

Did you make one? Receive one? See someone else's somewhere online that you can point me to? Make one, but never actually mailed it?

Our EGA chapter has a challenge and I'd like to participate. I do have one Lynne Nicoletti pattern that I need to dig out and see what she recommends. I was thinking of crewel fabric and I've got some design ideas floating around in my head.

But I'll take any input that anyone has. Gratefully.

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Lee said...

I've done two stitched MailArt Exchange envelopes. Sent two and received two. It's not difficult at all.

I can send you more info via email if you'd like:

eliese58 at yahoo dot com.