Friday, January 25, 2008

A Passing

I just received an email that the principal of my high school died yesterday. As principals go, he was a nice guy. He presided over Exeter during the early years of coeducation, not an easy thing.

His most famous line during my years was during an assembly when he was trying valiantly to get the students to stop taking shortcuts across the grass the in the early spring. He said, in perfect seriousness, "Grass is to be enjoyed." This brought the student body to its feet cheering and clapping. Took him a moment to realize exactly what he had said and why we were so excited.

Want to Know What's Dangerous?

Try helping take inventory in a needlework store. A hands on experience with all those fibers and fabrics and charts and gizmos. I saw things I'd never realized were in the shop before. I let someone else do the fabric. But every gorgeous Lakeside Linen and R & R got unfolded right there beside me. It's enough to make one swoon.

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Lee said...

You must have shown remarkable restraint during that inventory!