Saturday, July 26, 2008

Be Jealous

Today's fun is brought to me courtesy of our EGA chapter - we're picking up half the cost of a Catherine Strickler (of Indigo Rose) class. We'll be making her armchair pinkeep.

Let's be realistic. I'll be finishing mine sometime next year. Sigh.

But the good news is that I finished my HFH sampler and my kissing pillows that are our community outreach projects. And I made mini-muffins to bring this morning. I think I remembered everything I was supposed to do.

I did take a few photos yesterday. But I don't gots time to upload this a.m.
And when I get home later today, we'll be leaving for a baseball game.

Meanwhile, DS got his license this week. As he has demonstrated great highway driving skills, we had no problem with letting him and a friend drive to Busch Gardens today. (For those who don't know - he's 19. I'm not letting a total newbie with a brand new license loose to drive 200 miles one way.) The great news was our insurance did not go up by that much ($30 a month.) See what waiting a couple of years gets you. Huh. Who knew?

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