Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun With Canvas

Oops. Sorry no photo today. But soon. Very soon.

Today was our third Fun With Canvas class which is our Laura J. Perin piece. Today I love my In the Midnight Hour. Sometimes I'm not so sure. I'm definitely in a hate relationship with Rainbow Gallery's Highlights. Nasty stuff. Don't want to work with it any more. But I've still got a ton of it to lay.

Obligation stitching the rest of the week. Need to do my Habitat for Humanity sampler that needs to finished by Saturday. Also need to check and see if any framer's are willing to give us any kind of break on frames.

Meanwhile it's too hot to cook. Inside or outside. I wonder what I can talk these people I live with into eating.


Kathryn said...

Time for a cool restaurant or at least take-out.

Donna said...

I managed tacos and had some lovely melting queso from making chili rellenos so I made quesidillas, too.

Ah the summer doldrums. When it's even too hot to grill. Even with the AC on I had a fan blowing on me in the kitchen.