Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Da Updatey Stuff

We made it to NH on Monday without any incidents happening to us. We did see someone drive right off I-95 in front of us - a sharp left turn into the median at 75 m.p.h. I hope they were okay. And then a pickup tried to take us out by merging across several lanes at once. Fortunately I was driving and knew that there wasn't anybody in the far left lane behind me. Other than that it was uneventful.

This means Sunday was spent finishing up laundry, cleaning the house, packing, finishing off a bookmark for a gift, etc. The bookmark came out very nicely, except for one tiny issue. I thought when I put this away last year I was finished with the stitching. Instead of checking it closely against the pattern before cutting, I assumed it was finished. Then I cut the sides, top, and bottom only find I hadn't stitched two stitches of green and the bottom green border. Oops. By then I had started stitching the bottom point together and I managed to add in the missing 2 green stitches, but because I had already cut it I didn't have room to finish the green stripe. Oh well. One more lesson learned. Always check a piece carefully against the pattern before beginning finishing.

This morning I had time to sit and finish the embroidery on a canvas piece. I added lady slippers, a pine branch and pine cone, forget-me-nots. Now I need to detach the canvas from the stretcher bars and cut and assemble and do the final finishing stitches. Then I started a hardanger piece, but need to swing by somewhere and find some perle #8 that matches my DMC #5 Variations.

We did a bit of shopping. We went to Newick's for supper. (I'm in New England. It's supper. Not dinner.)

Note: The canvas piece was a class I took in 2006. It's a crazy quilt pyramid that you get to embellish in the colors and stitches of your choice. Instead of doing generic flowers, I decided that I wanted to commemorate a real place in my life.

In 1960, my grandparents bought what was essentially a fishing camp at Pawtuckaway Lake. I spent a lot of time there. Now 48 years later, it's for sale. Will I finish this piece before someone buys it? We'll see.


Anna van Schurman said...

"lady slippers, a pine branch and pine cone" sounds like home! Enjoy NH. I'll be up next month.

Donna said...

I had already done the blueberry bush, the cattails, and the lily pads. I'm making a piece that reminds me of our time at Pawtuckaway Lake.