Monday, July 21, 2008

In the Midnight Hour

or really Amethyst Dreams by Laura J. Perin.

Unfortunately now this project will take a back seat to other things for a few weeks. But it certainly is a departure from usual stitching.
I have not been able to work on this casually. When I sit down to stitch this, I'm there for hours.
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C in DC said...

This is gorgeous. Wow!

lewmew said...

Oh my - I may have to do this colorway - it is beyond gorgeous!. Or maybe do it in several colorways


Marjorie said...

Can you UPDATE your project picture? My daughter-in-law wants a black and white piece and I think that I would be interested in doing a Laura Perin design this way. How did you go about choosing your fibers? Let me know anything you can think of to help me out. Thanks, Marjorie Sink (in Tennessee) if you want to e-mail me personally Thanks SOOO much!

NCPat said...

This is so gorgeous! Nice work!