Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Short Stay

Yesterday DS did not have a full 2 hour class. He only had 40 minutes as the prof had broken them down into smaller groups to teach them a computer program.

So I brought my blackwork pumpkin design that I'm going to teach in October to start the stitching on flax colored linen and I chose the tables outside the bookstore as my place to sit because it was only 85 yesterday and the humidity was down.

What I hadn't planned on was the two people who were sitting about 20 feet away from me. A French professor and a 19 year old student. For 35 minutes I was subject to a horrendous conversation as the girl is clearly smitten and was trying valiantly to impress her "older" man. It was completely pathetique. And annoying. I told my son that if as a male you need validation, I can see how being a teacher at a school with a large female population would stroke your ego.

Meanwhile, I did get a good start on the pumpkin. This piece won't take very long as it's not large.

And we eventually solved the mystery of DD missing package. Last week I had mailed her a box of summer clothes, etc. to her grandparents house so she would have something other than pants and long sleeves. But the box never showed.

It turned up yesterday afternoon on our door step. Why? because I had used a Stoli box. The stupid package was accepted at the post office. And made it all the way to Nashua by plane. When someone decided it held liquor and mailed to back to us by truck. There was even a Hazmat sticker on the package. Argh.

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