Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Drat and Phooey

We arrived home yesterday around dinner time without any incidents on the road worthy of note.

And about an hour later, discovered that the high speed cable internet connection was not working. I was too darn tired to investigate so I have no idea exactly what DS tried to do to make things work. I spent the morning trying to sort it out, even calling DH in CA, but no luck. Finally called Comcast. Did everything I had already tried again. And then when he told me to find a pin and press the reset button, I knew I had someone who didn't know this modem. There is no reset button. I'm not stupid. That's the first thing I looked for, even found the manual to make sure I wasn't blind. No reset button.

Right now I'm on DD's computer who is hogging signal from a neighbor who is silly enough to leave a network unprotected. I won't be doing that on our home desktop. So no pictures until things are straightened out.

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