Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Stitching and New Shoes

Outside I went yesterday with my stitching and with DD with her computer. I eventually put in the earphones to listen to my MP3 player as I had last loaded it with two new Bossa Nova albums which I find to be pure joy. DD retaliates by putting in her earphones. And we are sitting there quite contentedly when suddenly I have an Ah-Ha moment which causes her to rip her earphone out of one year to hear what I am saying.

My big light bulb moment? I can embroider on those pink Converse sneakers. Back in go our earphones and that's it.


I have persevered enough with the beading and metallics down one side to reward myself by moving onto the simple cross stitching on the skirt. Celtic Christmas will get finished. Maybe in August. Maybe not. But I am promising to not put her away again. I even resurrected my floor stand to hold her. And I can hear her siren call right now saying, "Come on. Red thread. Let's get moving. It'll be fun."

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