Friday, August 08, 2008

SBQ 8/7/08

8/7/08: What do you do to your thread clippings? Do you just scrap them or do you use them in something else? (submitted by Outi)

I have an ort jar that is an old canning jar with the bale and glass top. I've been stuffing orts in here since around 1997. Big projects are like an archaeological dig - they are a whole layer and easily identifiable. I have yet to decide if they will ever do anything besides reside in the job and wait for someone to throw them away decades from now after I die.

No photos as I'm still on the wrong computer. I am hopeful DH can solve this problem and he arrives home tonight. Otherwise, cable guy is coming on Monday. I'm fairly certain I can call and cancel this appointment.

Had a great time yesterday at the shop catching up with friends. Even bought a couple of canvas designs - Northern Pine Designs "Forever in Blue Jeans." It will take a while to acquire the speciality threads for this one. I also bought a Michael Boren piece - it's the one on the right.
I've got to decide on this one what to use for alternate fibers as the original is stitched with Eterna silks and Princess Perle.

I was happy to find a ball of Anchor Perle 8 that matched my DMC perle 5 Variations for my hardanger piece. The question is do I already defy my stitching plans for 8/8/08 or do I attempt my picots and dove's eyes before the opening ceremonies and consider it a legal loophole that I haven't seen the opening ceremonies yet.

Oopsie. I made an error. The Michael Boren piece has Glorianna silks not Eterna. The Eterna was used in all those kimono pieces that I looked at.

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