Thursday, August 21, 2008


List it all? or ramble?

I like rambling so let's do that.

DH finally got his official job offer - he's trading up from private contractor to gov't job - essentially taking his former boss' job. I think he's pretty darn tickled with himself. Only took three years. I'm pretty darn tickled with him, too. Still. After almost (next week) 24 years of marriage.

DS leaves to return to school this weekend. I'm sorry that TS Fay has lingered and is causing flooding in FL, but am happy to see it didn't follow it's original track that had it squarely in our way on Sunday. Was not looking forward to moving in to a dorm in torrential rains and winds.

DD gets one more week at home before she returns to school. Can you imagine? I have to drive the northeast corridor on Labor Day weekend? Hello. Who made up this schedule?

Last night I taught my Baseball Biscornu for the second time. (Anna, I will get around to mailing you a copy sometime next week. I promise.) I had a lovely incipient migraine which kind of interfered with my teaching style. Eventually I put down my own stitching and just kind of sat there. Not my best performance. Woke up with that darn headache this morning, but finally medication seems to be working.

Finally I bring you the Enchanted Garden at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum in Richmond.

There is a Poe bust in the covered portico at the rear of the garden. I may have to go to the library or the used bookstore. I haven't read any Poe in few years.

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